Yearly medical Camp

15 August, 2014 at 9:00 am - 21:00 pm
Banyan Tree English School, Mumbai

At the behest and insistence of Hon. Mr. Damania, free of cost medical camps as under are arranged in almost all the major diseases, every year at the Society's premises since the year 2001 to benefit the community.

(1) Ophthal mological camp:-

With free distribution of spectacles and operations on cataract – total beneficiaries as on date are over 600 of which 80 were of cataract operations.

(2) cancer camp for women:-

Diagnosis & treatment, also demontration on symptoms - so for 300 women attended the camp put of which 23 referred to tata hospital.

(3) diabetes camp:-

Diagnosis & treatment also demonstration on preventive measures – about 350 people attended the camps out of which 70 found positive were prescribed with course of teratment & diet.

(4) coronary & cardiac diseases:–

Dignosisdemonstration and basic / primary treatment – in all 210 people attended of which 3 found to have heart problem were referred to l.t.m.g. / cumbla hill heart hospotal for further treatment for which funds where arranged through 5 trusts by dr. Narain of cumbala hill heart hospital.

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