What We Do

Nursery Education

The Children's Education Society employs well-qualified and experienced teachers and child attendants, and at minimum fees for the children, and distributes study materials and school uniforms free of cost to the children. Our nursery and KG Classes are today much sought after in the area of ML Camp, Shahunagar, Mahim, Kumbharwada and PMGP Colony, Dharavi. This rise in popularity prompted Mr. Parvez Damania and Mr. Devanand Dethe to look at starting primary classes and adding one class each year from the ensuing academic year.

Sewing Class

Community participation and activity is the primary aim of the society to bring about a social awareness among them, including patriotism. The society ensures that the families of the children attending the school attend all social events and the response has been overwhelming. The tailoring and stitching classes organized for women have so far trained over 400 women since 2001, and many of them wishing to start with their own businesses have been helped by donations of sewing machines by the Banyan Tree Centre.

Computer Education

Mr. Parvez Damania managed to procure 25 computers so that he could commence with a high level of computer education at the Banyan Tree Centre for poor children and students, free of cost. To impart excellent computer based education, a well-equipped computer institute was set up in April 2006 under the aegis of the Children's Education Society.

Pre-school Education

About 200 children participate in the activities comprising of indoor and outdoor games. There are also books to read. An honorary recreation assistant takes all these activities with a special care to observe children's cleanliness and hygiene. Sporting events are arranged to boost sportsmanship among children on special days of the year.

Free Medical Center

Through the Banyan Tree Centre, Mr. Parvez Damania ensures that children up to the age of 12 years receive the medical attention they deserve. In the year 2005, the society set up a pediatric dispensary and mobile clinic under the charge of a child specialist doctor to cater to the community that needs it most.

Medical Camps

At the insistence of Mr. Parvez Damania, free medical camps are arranged to treat almost all diseases at the Society's premises, since 2001.

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